We support our partners through the complexity of choosing the most suitable technology for their business goals.


In twenty years of experience in ERP, we have chosen SAP as a partner for the development of digital transformation projects. The ABAP Factory, a department of excellence and experimentation, boasts considerable experience in the field, having followed all the technological evolution from the first 3.0 installations up to the latest SAP Fiori and S / 4 HANA implementations.

The constant training of its resources allows the realization of cutting-edge solutions and personalized services of:

  • Technical analysis
  • Development of new features
  • Reverse engineering
  • Print customization (SapScritpt, SmartForms, Adobe Forms SAP Enhancement)
  • Control and revision of third parties (Factory offshore)
  • Specific cockpit
  • SAP & HTML integration
  • Mobility

Developments in Microsoft Environment

Data Network Consulting has a consolidated expertise in designing and implementing solutions in Microsoft environment (from Visual Basic 6 to .Net MVC 5, Web services integrated with AngularJS, C #, etc.), creating serialized or customizable applications with high efficiency standards. and solidity.

The experience with distributed architectures has allowed the company to deal with problems of integration and distribution of information between sources and heterogeneous systems.

We are specialized in the Security field, realizing integrations of applications with ADFS, for the protection and protection of the correct user profiling.


E-Commerce, intranet portals, Web sites, desktop applications and all mobility depend on the use of Java programming language.

The implementation of each single application is carried out respecting the best programming practices and safety standards to ensure reliable and easily maintainable products.

In designing and implementing solutions in Java environment, we use the most established methodologies and technologies available on the market, selecting the architecture more suitable for customer needs.

HTML & Responsive Web Design

The web presence has become an essential factor for the success of a company. But the speed of technological progress requires continuous investment to reap the greatest advantages available.

We take care of every aspect of the creation of a website, both simple static and dynamic site with database: design, usability, accessibility, without neglecting the contents (texts, photos and films), to provide products that are not only personalized, but above all performing and indexed on search engines.

Using the logic of Responsive Web Design, we are able to provide the user with an omnichannel digital strategy to guarantee a consistent User Experience on any chosen device.

Android & iOS

Managing the mobile experience in the age of multi-channel, means building new channels of customer relations, designing innovative communication formats and unprecedented touch points to encourage interactions between physical and digital world, along with analysis of choices and feedback from users.

The development of smartphone applications is a unique opportunity to increase the economic and organizational performance of the company.

We develop applications for Android and iOS systems, collaborating with leading partners in the mobility sector, using native technologies specific to each supported platform, to optimize performance and customize solutions, fully integrated with ERP or CRM information systems. The approach used in the design phase, lead to the creation of simple to use, effective and clear content applications, through a careful study of the User Experience (UX design) and the GUI for the user ( UI).