Our consolidated experience in different sectors has allowed us to analyze and develop specific solutions for every aspect of the company value chain.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0
Realize the fourth industrial revolution that aims at interconnecting industrial plants and people. Data Network Consulting has developed specific skills on innovation projects related to:
  • industrial automation and integration with SAP-ECC SAP-MII management systems
  • production control online through SAP-ME
  • complete integration of production with the warehouse through SAP-SCM-EWM
  • automatic warehouse management with SAP-SCM-EWM & PLC
  • direct interaction with the quality and control department
  • integration with sales and distribution to reduce inventory costs
  • operational and decisional control dashboards
  • Augmented Reality tools
  • predictive maintenance
Food 4.0
Food 4.0
Manufacturing Execution System, IoT, scheduling, control and optimization of production to realize the industrial revolution in the food industry.
Realize the concept of Food 4.0 through:
  • Production scheduling
  • Detection of processing times, waste and stops
  • Lots Traceability
  • Management of silos
  • Intelligent consumption (recipes, mixtures and critical ingredients)
  • Management of expiry dates
  • Handling with labeling
  • Quality controls
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Statistics and returns
Application Lifecycle
Application Lifecycle
We support the implementation and maintenance of the SAP Solution Manager for managing IT processes through four key elements:
  • Portfolio to Project (P2P) to manage the Project Portfolio in the Project Manager Office (PMO) and to balance the requests coming from the various departments with the capabilities, resources and deadlines of the IT department
  • Requirement to Deploy (R2D) oriented to measure: requests, deadlines and related economic evaluation
  • Request to Fulfill (R2F) useful for cataloging and monitoring requests in order to satisfy the service
  • Detect to Correct (D2C) aimed at identifying and solving problems anticipating any anomalies in the production environment
Drive customers towards the use of models and methodologies able to optimize processes and security management in compliance with the principles of the Segregation of Duty.
Data Network Consulting provides technical and process consulting related to:
  • Sap Security User & Profile Management
  • Security on SAP FIORI e S/4 HANA
  • GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance)
  • Identity Management
  • SOD Analysis
  • Business Users Revalidation
  • Licence Audit
  • Tool e utility (Firecall - SU-ID)
Reduce costs through optimization and control of warehouse processes. Data Network Consulting guarantees support through the implementation of SAP-WM and SAP-EWM solutions.
  • Warehouse process optimization
  • Radio Frequency & RFID
  • Inventory acceleration
  • Slotting
  • Task & Resource Management
  • Business Continuity Projects
  • Voice Picking
  • Handling Unit Management & Labeling
  • PLC & Task management
  • System Integration
Supply Chain
Supply Chain
We integrate logistics and production activities to optimize procurement, warehousing, kitting, VAS and distribution processes.
Data Network Consulting support customers through the implementation of the suites:
  • SAP-ECC in its components of LE, LO, SD, MM, PP
  • SAP-SCM in its components of EWM, LE-TR
  • SAP-MII for integration with loading systems
  • system integration
Logistics Execution
Logistics Execution
Optimize the warehouse, transport, loading of vehicles and routes.
We improve logistics execution with SAP solutions in its components of:
  • - SAP-ECC-TR & SAP-SCM-TR for transport management
  • SAP-ECC-WM & SAP-ECC-EWM for warehouse management
  • SAP-LO-HU for the accurate tracking of pallets
  • SAP-ECC-YM & SAP-SCM-YM for the yard and vehicles
  • DNC-OFM for process monitoring
Improve the quality of its production through quality and preventive control:
  • timely monitoring of incoming components
  • online monitoring
  • monitoring of the finished product
attraverso l’implementazione delle soluzioni fornite da:
  • SAP-SCM-Quality Engine
Production and Plant Maintenance
Production and Plant Maintenance
Optimization of production and management of maintenance activities. Data Network Consulting develops the control of the performance indices and the timely analysis of the final costs through:
  • Complete MES solution
  • Detection of production data through declarations and direct connection to the machines
  • Use of department sensors (IOT) and RFID solutions for production and maintenance management
  • Alarms and factory signals
  • Visual Factory
  • Production optimization through finite capacity scheduling systems
  • Optimization of setup times. Reduction of production times and costs
  • ATP systems and determination of delivery dates to customers on scheduled production plans
  • Analysis of missing materials and setting of just in time supply flows with the reduction of stocks
  • Production consumption management and traceability / complete traceability of the lots
  • Management of internal handling of the department and supply of lines through the use of labeling
  • Analysis of loads on the lines and determination of overtime for the reduction of delays
  • Calculation of the efficiency and efficiency indexes of the plants. Human resources and machines
  • Analysis of waste and stops
  • Quality controls
Sales & Distribution
Sales & Distribution
Optimize the sales process through the integrated management of all the areas involved: pre-sales, sales, shipping and invoicing, integrating logistics activities and optimizing planning, warehousing, kitting, VAS and distribution processes. Data Network Consulting is able to guide you through the analysis and implementation of the suites and the support on the flows:
  • SAP ECC / CRM Contact with the Customer
  • SAP ECC / CRM Request for Offer and Offer
  • SAP ECC / CRM Order Management
  • SAP ECC / CRM Integration
  • Logistics Execution
  • SAP-ECC in the components of SD, LE
  • SAP-SCM in the components of EWM, TR
  • SAP-MII for integration with load systems
Finance & Controlling
Finance & Controlling
Control, integrate and monitor accounting / financial information centrally, to guide the entire strategic decision-making process.
  • General accounting management FI-GL
  • Accounting Management Customers FI-AR
  • Accounting Management Suppliers FI-AP
  • Management of FI-AA assets
  • Treasury management FI-TR
  • Management control by CO-CCA cost center
  • Management control for CO-PCA profit centers
  • Calculation of the CO-PC product cost
  • Profitability analysis CO-PA
  • customize SAP applications to meet civil, tax and management needs of companies