Our network of resources and skills guarantees fast application solutions as well as continuity and stability in the provision of services, to guide the customer towards optimizing their productivity.

Process & Application Consulting

We accelerate the innovative process of our partners, through process, application and technological consultancy services, to accompany them in improving performance and results.

Process Consulting

Business Process Management (BPM) consists of the redesigning the processes improving key indicators of efficiency, quality and service in line with the company's strategic objectives.

Together with the company's operational resources, we provide analysis and formalization of the processes for a full control of the business activities.

Our methodology allows to map the processes for how they present themselves in the company, to identify customized solutions that are effectively applicable to the detected criticalities.

Application Consulting

We select the best software on the market to support the needs of our customers, and we make sure that they are exploited in the best way:
  • Consulting and application analysis necessary to verify the reliability of the proposed solutions, and the correct support to the company's processes, identifying any features not present to be customized ;
  • Specific training to transfer the complete knowledge and operation necessary to manage the change process independently.
  • Application assistance and support to the management of applications to deal with unforeseen situations and limit errors in the management of operational activities.

Technical Consulting

Monitoring, keeping systems up-to-date, preventing critical issues and developing new functionalities are the services offered by our technical division, composed of highly qualified developers analysts in the following areas:
ABAP Factory
The technical division consists of a team of highly qualified analysts and developers that manage all the technical areas of SAP, operating on all platforms such as ECC, S / 4HANA, FLOWERS, EWM, CRM, SRM, APO, for different industrial sectors. The ABAP Factory, department of excellence and strength of Data Network Consulting, boasts a remarkable experience in ICT sector combined with a constant training of its resources, allows the realization of cutting-edge solutions.
The main services offered are:
  • Technical analysis
  • Development of new features
  • Reverse engineering of custom programs already developed
  • Customizing prints via SapScritpt, SmartForms, Adobe Forms SAP Enhancement as User Exits, Badi and Enh.Spot
  • Control and review of software developed by third parties (Factory offshore)
  • Specific cockpit
  • SAP & HTML integration
  • Mobility
Web Development

We design effective websites and web applications that meet the expectations of our requesters, offering customized and functional solutions, designed on the basis of the customer's market and core business.

Web proposals cover all needs, starting from simple static presentation sites, up to complex dynamic sites using databases and web-based content management (CMS), with a study of search engine rankings.

In a short time we realize web solutions of any entity, aiming at the maximum satisfaction of the customer, from design to realization and on-line publication.

Mobile Development

Data Network Consulting adopts specific solutions according to customer needs, implementing Apps that can be fully integrated with the information systems used, such as ERP or CRM.

The approach used in the design phase has as its main objective the creation of simple, effective and clear content applications, developed using native technologies specific to each supported platform, to optimize efficiency and performance.

This results in products with the best user experience for end users, thanks to an accurate study phase of the User Experience (UX design) and the Graphic Interface (UI), to take full advantage of the most advanced features offered by devices.

PM & Governance

Strategy, innovation and implementation: these are constituent elements of success. The path of growth to compete with greater success will inevitably lead to the management of the project.

We plan the digital future of companies, realizing projects in the IT area, such as upgrades and deployments of systems and applications, ensuring compliance with established deadlines, budget limits and specific requirements.

The Project Management team is a flexible and dedicated task force of functional and technical analysts, able to promptly analyze project requirements and manage scheduling planning throughout the entire implementation process.

The goal is to ensure the understanding of all the fundamental processes of the customer, so as to implement the appropriate solutions to give a complete functional coverage. From single or multiple projects, the planning and implementation of the project follows different methodologies, key elements for achieving the goal.

Traditional Methodology
  • Time reduction for implementation at production start-up
  • Optimization of the use of customer and warranty of quality and efficiency of the implemented solution
  • Working model that can be adopted for each subsequent implementation
Agile methodology
  • Greater flexibility and continuous adaptation of specifications
  • Continuous communication between developers and customers
  • Streamlined design and documentation
PM & Governance

Time & Material

Time & Material

Through Time & Material, our customers can draw directly from a selection of competent professionals identified on the basis of specific project requirements, guaranteeing their presence at their premises, on an ongoing basis or according to an agreed timetable.

Our resource allocation policy is aimed at consolidating the relationship with the client, allowing it considerable savings both in terms of cost and training and updating, with a guarantee of continuity of service and high level of preparation.

The activity can be carried out at our offices or directly at the Customer's premises, according to specific needs.

  • Qualified Professionals
  • Supporting Projects or Systems
  • Directly on site or remotely
  • Cost containment and training
  • Continuity of project or service
  • Skills transfer


Outsourcing could be the winning choice for companies that need to manage the complexity of their IT platforms.

We offer the skills necessary to face the increasing technological complexity with ICT outsourcing services that are extremely customized to specific needs.

The service can cover the entire IT department or just some infrastructure, applications, business processes or business functions.

  • Services
  • Applications
  • Business process or business functions
  • Performance improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Faster access to innovation
AMS - A practical case

We provide highly professional outsourced Application Maintenance (AMS) services.

The service is coordinated by a service manager and is structured on different levels, ensuring the resolution of anomalies found and respecting the levels of service agreed with the customer.

The use of a specific ticket management tool, guarantees the continuous traceability of requests and the possibility to prepare periodic statistical reports for the activity performed.