IoT Portal for collection, display and control of data from diversified sensor sources

Collect and analyzed qualitative parameters and useful signals to control production, logistic and quality maintenance processes

Allows to

  • Several sensor types available
    Temperature, humidity, pressure, vibrations, amperage, voltage, brightness, level of liquids, opening circuit, opening doors, switching devices on and off, presence or absence of objects and many others…
  • Alerts and Alarms
    The system is an effective controller that immediately warns the administrator in case of exceeding the threshold values ​​(critical temperatures, humidity, etc.) set on the sensor
  • Visualization, storage, data analysis
    Through a dedicated portal, every data detected by the sensors is automatically saved and filed, therefore easily available in its trend over time
  • Quality and Savings
    • Continuous control of quality parameters
    • Immediate intervention in case of anomalies
    • Prevention of critical damage
    • Guarantee of conservation of products or plants quality
    • Detection of management and process data
  • Wireless
    No wiring, no wired power supply, no Ethernet connection. WIFI sensors powered by a long-life replaceable battery
  • Plug & Play
    High precision Plug and Play sensors interfaced with a portal system (cloud) and therefore accessible from any type of device (mobile, tablet, pc)
  • Immediate implementation
    The SMART SENSOR system can be activated in a few days

Who Benefits

Any company that needs:

  • To monitor process and quality parameters
  • To store and analyze data
  • To prevent critical damage

It is used to manage the storage of perishable products, to monitor environmental parameters or operating equipment


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