DNC Notifier

DNC Notifier

Mobility Notification Management Tool

Allows to configure personalized mobile notification processes for any business function

Allows to

  • configure customized processes and user groups in a simple and intuitive way
  • direct actions and tasks for the correct execution of the process
  • associate specific notification actions for processes and user groups
  • receive push notifications and technical attachments on mobile devices
  • configure duration of the operating session for different user groups (connection token)
  • trace the accomplishment of the tasks
  • create reports and records of notification flows

Who Benefits

    Allows to assign user groups and processes and to monitor the real time progress of activities
    Allows to manage priorities and validate the progress of activities in real time
    Guide and facilitate ordinary actions by providing direct addressing on the tasks to be closed
    Provides a monitor with immediate visibility of feeds or delays and facilitates problem resolution
DNC Notifier

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